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Trisha Walton Design is a luxury-focused and conceptually driven freelance interior design service offering a portfolio of tailored support to other professional interior designers.  Trisha’s approach is led by a passion for exquisite materials and elegant finishes underpinned by a strong belief in a bespoke approach to every client and individual project. 

Since graduating from the prestigious KLC School of Design in 2017, Trisha has worked with a diverse range of clients on projects spanning the UK, Ireland and the Middle East where she has honed her passion for conceptual development, space planning, FF&E and bespoke furniture design.  From investment properties to forever homes, Trisha is always seeking to uncover new trends, materials and suppliers to manifest optimal results.

With a previous career in international business to business marketing, Trisha brings a unique set of strategic competencies to any project ensuring that creative expression is seamlessly coupled with meeting financial goals and driving client satisfaction. 

“The foundation of great interior design should, without exception, be driven by the individual DNA of those who will live and breathe in the space on a day to day basis.  Extracting the practical preferences of the client, understanding their lifestyle and the story they wish to tell through the design of their property creates a unique foundation upon which form, shape, colour and texture can be layered to deliver exceptional results.”

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