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Client Presentations

Creating cohesive and comprehensive presentations that clearly communicate the design vision

With a previous background in client focused marketing I have over 20 years of experience in communicating with diverse groups of customers. From individual clients and families, through to professional developers and established architectural practices, I understand that the language, tone and method of presentation are critical to sell in a vision and get commitment and buy-in to ideas.

"Do you need a professional representative to meet with clients on your behalf or add credibility as a second presence in face to face meetings?"

Confident communication is critical at all stages of the design process - from pitching, through to design development, to supplier liaison and final sign-off. Nuance of tone and language can make the difference between securing a new client or clearly understanding a client's preferences. Ultimately saving time, increasing productivity and maximizing revenue. Diverse experience working with international clients from Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the UK as well as collaboration with established architectural practices and bespoke suppliers has given me a unique insight into the most effective ways to communicate in a myriad of situations.

Written presentations

I am passionate about collating written and visual material together in a way that succinctly communicates projects updates in an efficient and effective manner to time poor clients. To view examples of my work please get in touch.


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