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rendered visuals

Bringing the design vision to life through rendered elevations and plans

Providing technical drawings and materials samples is sometimes not enough to communicate design intent to an end client. Developing considered rendered visuals which include proposed colours, shapes and finishes can be a helpful tool to engage debate, discussion and ultimately approval.

“Considered renders provide a visual medium which can help sell in specific design ideas and finishes to the client."

I work closely with the lead designer or studio to understand the nuances of hard and soft finishes to ensure that rendered visuals are accurate and true to the proposed design. From paint, to fabrics through to hard materials - each element is carefully rendered using photoshop to represent the small details which bring together the broader vision for a room or property.

Single items to floor plans

From an individual piece of furniture through to a wall elevation to a full floor plan, renders can be used in a myriad of ways to illustrate ideas. Full floor plans can be particularly helpful to show the flow or continuity of colour and materials throughout a single level of a property.

When a more photo-realistic approach is required I can work closely with a CGI specialist to develop 3d visuals of the space.

If you'd like to know more about the way that I work with renders please get in touch.


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